Not paying attention to all the details of the condition of a property before you buy it can result in nasty unexpected troubles and costs well into the future.

Before making a purchasing decision you should:

  • Make full use of a home inspection to check off a number of items yourself
  • Negotiate the purchase of a property inspection report from the agent (if one has already been commissioned) OR
  • Organise for a suitably qualified person to complete a pre-purchase inspection report

When in comes to strata schemes, it is also recommended that you request a ‘special-purpose’ report which covers common property. A consultant will not normally include this by default.

Doing these things will arm you with all the knowledge you need in regards to the condition of the property in question. You’ll be able to be a sounder decision on whether to go ahead with your purchase or not.

For a checklist of things to check on your inspection and further information on pre-inspection reports including what they should contain and how to order one, check this article on the NSW Fair Trading Website.