Why we collect information
We are required to keep information about the Owners and residents in each Lot under Section 178 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015; This allows us to contact Owners and residents in order to carry out various duties that we are required to do under the terms of our Strata Management Agency Agreement.

Personal information
We will only ask you for personal information to allow us to communicate with owners and residents, so that we can carry out our duties as required under the terms of the Strata Management Agency Agreement.

Disclosure of your information to others
In certain circumstances, some of your personal contact information may be disclosed to various people, such as to carry out repairs to the common property within your lot space, or if you are a site contact. If you do not want your information disclosed, you must advise us in writing and every time that you make a request for repairs to your property. We will only disclose information on a need to know basis and at the discretion of Strata Excellence.

Access to information
S184 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 states that any lot owner, mortgagee or covenant charge may request the owner’s corporation to allow an inspection of the books and records to be carried out. Your personal information that you provide us may be shown to the person carrying out the inspection, which are usually carried out prior to a property sale and mostly by professional companies.

Keeping your information updated
If your contact details change, it’s important that you let us know, we are reliant on you supplying us with this information.

Please submit details by email or in writing addressed to:
Strata Excellence
Lvl 21. 133 Castlereagh Street

If you have any further questions regarding the way our agency handles private information please feel free to contact us.