The NSW Government have announced new rules regarding short-term letting for Strata corporations, owners and tenants. Here’s a summary of the new rules:

  • Owners corporations may prevent a host from short-term letting their block (on sites like AirBNB and HomeAway) if they do not live in the unit
  • Owners and tenants will be able to let out rooms or their units while they go on holidays (regardless of any Strata by-laws)
  • There is an 180 night limit on owners and tenants (of both houses and apartments) letting out their property in Greater Sydney, Newcastle and Woolongong. No restriction for the remainder of NSW
  • There will be a 2 strike rule, over a period of 2 years, which will result in a 5 year ban from short-term letting sites for 5 years

For more information, see here.